Do We Limit Our Own Freedom?

Just like so many others, some of our family is planning to spend this Independence Day together.  We will go to our community pool, talk, laugh, eat, listen to music, play some games, and watch fireworks.  How fortunate we are that we can do all these things as we please.  We can do and become anything we set our minds to thanks to the bravery of those who came before us.  We have a unique circumstance in this world.  Are we bravely making the most of our options?

What if we could enjoy days like this one more than just on planned holidays?  What if we were independent enough that we didn’t have to answer to a schedule set by someone else?  What if Independence Day were to become more meaningful other than to be proud Americans?  What if it became a day to celebrate our personal freedom from preconceived notions, worries, and drudgery?  What if we felt like eagles soaring freely every day?  What’s stopping us?

Truthfully, we often limit our own freedoms.  Why?  We live in a country that has more options than most, yet we stop ourselves short of attaining our goals and becoming our best selves. What could be so powerful?

Think of the “cassette tapes” playing in our heads or the “little guy on our shoulder”.  Those voices are familiar; and we have allowed them take up residence in our minds and in our lives for far too long, often a lifetime.  They sound like someone who we have loved or admired.  Unfortunately, the recordings are neither loving nor admirable.  Honestly, most of those people the words came from don’t even know how detrimental they could be.  Hurt people hurt people.  A good place to start — forgive them for they know not what they do.

The good news is that we have the choice to not listen to them anymore.  Break free and GROW!  Use those words to help become better, as an example of how NOT to be — to others and OURSELVES.  Create a space of love, appreciation, encouragement, and success!  That’s more powerful!  Find a loving, guiding mentor to follow.  Get rid of those limiting beliefs.  See greatness on the horizon and head straight for it.  It’s not quite so far off.  Improvement begins with just one step in the right direction.  Be brave.  Punch that guy on the shoulder right in the nose and create a new truth, and watch the freedoms show up!

independence day 2018

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Proud to be Flea-Free!

Meet our grand-dog Bean!  Bean is a Chug — Chihuahua/Pug mix.  He was adopted by our son, Gunnar, and his fiancée, Mercedes.  Because Gunnar and Mercedes are busy with all kinds of wonderfulness in their young college/working lives, we often get to spend extended time with Bean.  When we first met Bean, he was sort of a wild little guy — so much energy and able to vertically jump 3 feet in the air! What we didn’t realize was that part of why he was a “wild little guy” was because he had wild little critters crawling and biting him constantly.

Back in the old days, you would take your pet to the groomers or the vet and they would give them a “dip”.  That “dip” was a soup of chemicals that would instantly kill the critters.  Eventually, it was realized that those chemicals were also harmful to your pet.  [Remember, the skin is the largest organ in the body and is often used to introduce pharmaceuticals to the body in the form of patches.  It is critical to know what goes ON the body as what goes IN the body. (That will be the subject of another post.)]

I began to do some research (since that’s what nerds like me do). Thankfully, I found something that wasn’t a soup of nasty dangerous chemicals, didn’t cost a fortune, was simple to administer, smelled great, killed those nasty critters on contact, and was effective with consistent use.  And, the best thing?  Bean didn’t mind it at all! In fact, what I found was that Bean came to appreciate it and became a calm, affectionate little guy.  No longer would he jump out of his skin unexpectedly.  Still amazing and energetic at the right times, but much happier!  He has a very good reason to be proud!

Proud to be Flea Free

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Last week, I went for my annual exam.  For my entire life, my blood pressure was 90/60 even when I was pregnant. Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen it creeping every so slightly higher, not to a dangerous level; however, no me gusta!  One of the things my Nurse Practitioner shared with me on this visit is that arteries change with age; and that I shouldn’t expect those numbers to reappear.  I’m not willing to accept that idea.

Even though I’ve always been a healthy eater, I felt it was time to make some changes to be more diligent and more consistent with my healthy routine.  What does that include?  Exercise, diet, and supplementation.  I realized that it might be time for me to be a little more proactive in my retention of good health.

I made some small adjustments and have already noticed some differences — no more occasional fluttering of my heart, no more feeling it beating noticeably when I go to bed, and much more stamina during exercise — just like the “old” days.  That’s what I wanted to see!  It didn’t take too much effort or even time; however, I feel it has created massive benefit! I’m happy with it.


Money and Time Freedom

Doesn’t everyone need a little help here? Life gets in the way while our hopes and dreams are pushed farther down the road. One thing is sure — time moves FAST — even in the blink of an eye!
Have you ever wanted to be part of a winning team with a mentor, someone who can give loving direction and provide you with a map to success at no additional cost above building your business? I will show you how I was able to overcome many obstacles in life and create a place where time and money became my friends.
I am recognized as a leader in the industry and have been a consistent member of the Circle of Honor and Top Achiever’s Club in my company, including monthly car bonuses, all-expense paid trips, incentives, and perks that I’d like to teach you how to receive as well and share in the joy helping others can bring.
Andy and I are debt-free, own a home in FL where we have raised/homeschooled our four sons, taught them to love the Lord, and continue to guide them to be contributing successful men in their relationships and in the world.
We enjoy our time at the beach and cruising the Caribbean, while helping others make their dreams come true — all possible by serving God and doing good in the world.
Money and Time Freedom

My Health and Nutrition Journey

I lost my father when I was 13 and my grandfather when I was 15, both to cancer. I believe that God provided these circumstances for me to be able to minister to others to provide a way to heal and avoid possible illness through a healthier lifestyle.
I started out Pre-Med/Biochem at UMASS Amherst and then switched gears to study Linguistics at Harvard. I owned a private neuromuscular therapy practice for 15 years, specializing in the alleviation of chronic pain and correction of dysfunctional biomechanics. I traveled on the PGA Tour privately with some professional golfers, one of whom won The Players’ Championship, Ponte Vedra, FL while in my care.
Since retiring my practice in 2016, I enjoy helping others as a certified Health Coach, trained in Biblical eating and obediently Treating Your Body Like A Temple. Through this venue, I find I can help more people than I ever could in my office with just my two hands.
To begin your health journey, let me know you would like to take my private Health Evaluation. I will send you a link and contact you to discuss the results of where you are now and guide you on your path to better health.
Health and Nutrition

Whichever Path — I’m here for you.

Thanks for joining me!  My goal is to help you to achieve yours relative to health, wealth, and time freedom. With extensive personal experience and success, I will guide you to the actions needed to bring your dreams to reality and see them come true. Committing to a healthier lifestyle, physically or financially, is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication. But believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding, and support while accomplishing lasting growth. All you need is to be open, willing, and coachable.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)