My Health and Nutrition Journey

I lost my father when I was 13 and my grandfather when I was 15, both to cancer. I believe that God provided these circumstances for me to be able to minister to others to provide a way to heal and avoid possible illness through a healthier lifestyle.
I started out Pre-Med/Biochem at UMASS Amherst and then switched gears to study Linguistics at Harvard. I owned a private neuromuscular therapy practice for 15 years, specializing in the alleviation of chronic pain and correction of dysfunctional biomechanics. I traveled on the PGA Tour privately with some professional golfers, one of whom won The Players’ Championship, Ponte Vedra, FL while in my care.
Since retiring my practice in 2016, I enjoy helping others as a certified Health Coach, trained in Biblical eating and obediently Treating Your Body Like A Temple. Through this venue, I find I can help more people than I ever could in my office with just my two hands.
To begin your health journey, let me know you would like to take my private Health Evaluation. I will send you a link and contact you to discuss the results of where you are now and guide you on your path to better health.
Health and Nutrition

Author: Pamela Anne Schwarz

Pamela is a successful professional network marketer. She retired her private practice of almost 20 years specializing in the alleviation of chronic pain and now enjoys helping people live better lives, physically and financially.

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