Proud to be Flea-Free!

Meet our grand-dog Bean!  Bean is a Chug — Chihuahua/Pug mix.  He was adopted by our son, Gunnar, and his fiancée, Mercedes.  Because Gunnar and Mercedes are busy with all kinds of wonderfulness in their young college/working lives, we often get to spend extended time with Bean.  When we first met Bean, he was sort of a wild little guy — so much energy and able to vertically jump 3 feet in the air! What we didn’t realize was that part of why he was a “wild little guy” was because he had wild little critters crawling and biting him constantly.

Back in the old days, you would take your pet to the groomers or the vet and they would give them a “dip”.  That “dip” was a soup of chemicals that would instantly kill the critters.  Eventually, it was realized that those chemicals were also harmful to your pet.  [Remember, the skin is the largest organ in the body and is often used to introduce pharmaceuticals to the body in the form of patches.  It is critical to know what goes ON the body as what goes IN the body. (That will be the subject of another post.)]

I began to do some research (since that’s what nerds like me do). Thankfully, I found something that wasn’t a soup of nasty dangerous chemicals, didn’t cost a fortune, was simple to administer, smelled great, killed those nasty critters on contact, and was effective with consistent use.  And, the best thing?  Bean didn’t mind it at all! In fact, what I found was that Bean came to appreciate it and became a calm, affectionate little guy.  No longer would he jump out of his skin unexpectedly.  Still amazing and energetic at the right times, but much happier!  He has a very good reason to be proud!

Proud to be Flea Free

Author: Pamela Anne Schwarz

Pamela is a successful professional network marketer. She retired her private practice of almost 20 years specializing in the alleviation of chronic pain and now enjoys helping people live better lives, physically and financially.

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