Do We Limit Our Own Freedom?

Just like so many others, some of our family is planning to spend this Independence Day together.  We will go to our community pool, talk, laugh, eat, listen to music, play some games, and watch fireworks.  How fortunate we are that we can do all these things as we please.  We can do and become anything we set our minds to thanks to the bravery of those who came before us.  We have a unique circumstance in this world.  Are we bravely making the most of our options?

What if we could enjoy days like this one more than just on planned holidays?  What if we were independent enough that we didn’t have to answer to a schedule set by someone else?  What if Independence Day were to become more meaningful other than to be proud Americans?  What if it became a day to celebrate our personal freedom from preconceived notions, worries, and drudgery?  What if we felt like eagles soaring freely every day?  What’s stopping us?

Truthfully, we often limit our own freedoms.  Why?  We live in a country that has more options than most, yet we stop ourselves short of attaining our goals and becoming our best selves. What could be so powerful?

Think of the “cassette tapes” playing in our heads or the “little guy on our shoulder”.  Those voices are familiar; and we have allowed them take up residence in our minds and in our lives for far too long, often a lifetime.  They sound like someone who we have loved or admired.  Unfortunately, the recordings are neither loving nor admirable.  Honestly, most of those people the words came from don’t even know how detrimental they could be.  Hurt people hurt people.  A good place to start — forgive them for they know not what they do.

The good news is that we have the choice to not listen to them anymore.  Break free and GROW!  Use those words to help become better, as an example of how NOT to be — to others and OURSELVES.  Create a space of love, appreciation, encouragement, and success!  That’s more powerful!  Find a loving, guiding mentor to follow.  Get rid of those limiting beliefs.  See greatness on the horizon and head straight for it.  It’s not quite so far off.  Improvement begins with just one step in the right direction.  Be brave.  Punch that guy on the shoulder right in the nose and create a new truth, and watch the freedoms show up!

independence day 2018

Author: Pamela Anne Schwarz

Pamela is a successful professional network marketer. She retired her private practice of almost 20 years specializing in the alleviation of chronic pain and now enjoys helping people live better lives, physically and financially.

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